Hi, this is Mike Yu Huang.

I am driven by aesthetics. I started sketching and have been doing photography since I was a teenager, constantly finding inspirations through the shapes, colors and compositions from world around me such as architectures, landscape and fantastic animals. I never leave my camera and sketchbook behind. Stunning visual languages and telling the story behind the scene have always been my way of interacting and communicating with people.

I studied Industrial Design at the Beijing Institute of Technology and then came to ArtCenter College of Design, to continue my desire for a more empathetic, human-centered design experience.

Through multiple iterations and prototypes, I want to find the best design solutions while allowing people to be visually, physically engaged. With renderings and animation, not only will they understand how to use the product in a dynamic way, but they will want to touch it, feel it, and immerse themselves in it in a much deeper emotional way.