Industrial design
Personal project ·  14-week duration
Software: Solidworks, Keyshot; HDR Light Studio; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


LIFT is night lamp designed for the night-time readers.

It creates a focused yet gentle lighting condition, and a soft, comfortable environment simultaneously.


The Problem


People don’t have appropriate lighting conditions to read books, smart phones or tablets during the night, which causes eye fatigue and gradually getting a poor eyesight.


Current Situations


Spotlight and task lamps are good for reading because it has a bright and focused ray. But its light is usually too sharp, directional and glaring that causes the eye fatigue easily at night.


Ambient lighting is good for a comfortable bedroom environment, but not appropriate for night reading as well because it is usually too dim for people to read.
In addition, ambient lighting will border someone by your side when you want to read but he is trying to sleep (as image shown above).




To create an appropriate lighting which is not only focused and bright for people to read, but also soft enough to protect the eyes during the night.


Introducing LIFT

A lamp that enlightens you with great light quality


LIFT provides you with a soft, gentle, and simultaneously a bright and focused lighting condition. It's designed to create a comfortable environment to protect your eyes, enhance your reading experience with ease and free.


Stay Comfortable, Stay Focused

light redesign-09副本.jpg

The reflector transfers the hard and glaring light that illuminates from the bottom, into the soft reflected light, in order to enhance the quality of light without losing the brightness level, and simultaneously stay focused.


Set to Any Angle

light redesign-10.png

The reflected light can be adjusted from 0° to 90° freely by simply rotating the reflector from 0° to 90°.


Point to Any Direction


The lamp is designed with two connected parts. The upper lamp body can be rotated 180° separately from the lower body, making the reflected light adjustable from left to right.


The Complementary Light

Frosted Glass   is designed as the material of the lower lampshade in order to  soften the light.

The lower light is the complementary source, it is used together with the lampshade to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to stay.

Frosted Glass is designed as the material of the lower lampshade in order to soften the light.


VER.2-Desk Version