Nescafé-In the Moment Series

Product design / Packaging / Branding
Sponsored by
Nestlé team

Team project / Yu Huang (ID), Joaquin Alains (GD), Debbie Bautista(GD) Junghwa Yu (ENV)  ·   14-week duration
Role in the team: Research, concept development, 2D & 3D development, prototyping, product visualization
Software: Solidworks; Rhino; Keyshot; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Photography by Yu Huang


Nescafé IN THE MOMENT is a series of product/package designed for Nestlé to communicate with millennials and make the brand be competitive again.




Nescafé is famous for instant coffee and great for home use. But for millennials, unlike Starbucks or Blue Bottle, Nescafé is not cool enough. It's not their thing but older generation's. 


Millennials focus on quicker and faster experiences and seek on instant gratification, as well as a connected-disconnected generation who is constantly moving yet still crave those little opportunities of pause and indulgence where they can savor the moment. With their lifestyles infused, they aim to inspire our connections and they always like to be prepared for any occasion.

Therefore, millennials deserve a future of coffee with Nescafé by living “in-the-moment”.


Introducing Nescafe In the Moment Series Design


Nescafé Instance

Designed for Mobility and Ceremonial Experience

未标题-8_画板 1.png

The bottle of coffee with a snack.

The design includes 3 parts:
01. A chocolate with its shell located on the top;
02. A container connected with the cap with espresso which is placed inside the bottle,
03. The bottle with water.

When twisting the cap, the mechanism will open up the container and the espresso will drop and immerse into the water.

屏幕快照 2017-09-21 上午4.49.17.png

Nescafé Indulge

Designed for Ceremonial Experience and Sharing


The coffee "Chocolate" design.

Chocolate bars are made of compressed instant coffee.  They can be cracked and shared easily. When putting them into the hot water, it dissolves, with bubbles and coffee smells coming up.

画板 14@1x.jpg

Nescafé Infuse

Designed for Ceremonial Experience


The Instant Coffee with Stirring Tool design. 

The ground coffee is condensed and designed as a stirring tool and user doesn't need to have an extra one. Open up the package, hold the top strip area and stir with the hot water to dissolve the instant coffee.

画板 15@1x.jpg

Nescafé Inspire

Designed for Mobility and Sharing


The Instant Coffee Pouch design.

Pouch package can be split diagonally into two parts in order to share easily between friends. Pouch pack comes with 10 servings which provide a convenience for millennials hanging out in a group.

画板 16@1x.jpg

Nescafé Incase

Designed for Accessory and Fashion Statement


The accessory "Coffee Pen" design for a fashion statement.

The accessory can be brought anywhere with 2 cups of ground coffee.
When twisting the upper part and lower part of the pen until two parts of Nescafé logo meet together, the accessory will be unlocked and ready to serve.

画板 17@1x.jpg