The Ripples

Industrial Design / Packaging / Experienc Design
Internship project in collaboration with the engineering team  ·  5-week duration
Software: Rhino; Solidworks; Keyshot; Adobe Photoshop, After Effects


Sound is made of invisible, energetic waves.
They are aesthetically beautiful and naturally immersive, as long as we can visualize them.


"Visualizing the invisibles sound waves"

"The Ripples" is designed for Mi In-Ear Headphones HD based on this concept.


The Experience


Headphones are designed to be suspended by two curvy and frosted glass surfaces in different height in space. The mimic ripple textures are designed on the surface, in order to create the visualized experience of invisible sound waves that traveling trough the system, producing different kinds of immersive ripple effect.


Ripple effect on single surface, interacting with headphones

Ripple effect overlapps between two surfaces


The Structure

6_画板 1.jpg

The headphone is placed by a soft transparent silicon holder, which is connected with the glass surface.


The system contains six constructional parts:





The top plastic tube;

The curvy and frosted glass;

The transparent silicon headphone holders x 2;

The silicon headphone cable winder;


The base (holding the cable winder as well as the earplugs with 3 sizes)

The cable of the headphone would be wrapped around the open groove of the winder.


The headphone control is designed to be placed at the bottom of the cable winder


The base: 3 sizes of earplugs are hold by 6 constructional cylinders, which are also used to support the headphone cable winder.

context rendering.jpg